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The Chestnut Street Project is Finally Here!

Hey everyone, it's been a long road bringing this project to completion, Andrew Gibson, Mike Saunders and myself founded this band many years ago in a loft on Chestnut Street, in Oakland, Ca. and have been slaving away on this album off and on for the past 5 years. I'm so proud to announce that our self titled album "The Chestnut Street Project" is out there in the world and available for purchase on Amazon, Itunes and CDBaby: Album Photo credit: Troy Paiva

Ascent is now out on Vinyl!

Hey everyone, it's been a busy few months, and I haven't had the chance to update this page in quite a while. Our vinyl print of "Ascent" is released, and available for purchase on CDBaby:

Ascent is available for digital download!

Hey everyone, I'm super excited to announce that our album "Ascent" is currently available for digital download through CD Baby! It's not up on Itunes yet, but should be sometime this week, as well as Amazon, and just about everywhere else. If you're a vinyl lover, we should have copies of the album on vinyl available some time in late June/early July.

"Ascent" (our 2nd studio album) is in the final stages of production!

Ascent is currently at the mastering stage, with a planned release on Seth's birthday on June 30th. While there are no certainties yet, it's looking like the release party/birthday bash will be at the Shattuck Downlow in Berkeley, Ca! We'll keep you posted as things develop!

"Ascent" coming soon!

Hey everyone, we're currently in the process of recording our 2nd full length album "Ascent" with hopes of releasing it in early 2012. This album will feature "Jules" which is currently unlockable content in the real electric guitar video game "Rocksmith. Stay tuned for more info!